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Calculating Power Loss in switching MOSFETs
Choosing the optimum switching frequency of your DC/DC converter
C Implementation to generate Pseudo Random Numbers
EMI Modelling using LTspice Hints
Pure Inductor and Voltage Source Modelling (and how to speed up simulations with them) using LTspice
IGBT Tutorial
O-device (Lossy Transmission Line) and T-device (Lossless Transmission Line) modelling issues
Erno Borbely JFET Article No. 1 Operation and Practical Considerations
Air Gapped Magnetic Cores - Analysis and why you may want them
Erno Borbely JFET Article No. 2 Operation and Practical Considerations
Iowa Hills Digital and Analog Filters
File:PWM Filters.pdf Jim Wagner's white paper on PWM filtering
The Pulse-Width Modulator with an emphasis on the post-modulator lowpass filter
Loop Gain by Voltage Injection
Fundamental Characteristics of Thyristors
Pass Transistor Logic
Power Electronics Marc T. Thompson, Ph.D.
Simplified Litz Wire Design
Snubber Circuit Design for MOSFET Switching
LTspice has a built in Triangle Wave
Modelling a Ni-MH battery with hints on Li-Ion battery modeling
Optimizing the AC Resistance of Multilayer Transformer Windings with Arbitrary Current Waveforms
Parametric plot (plot measurements in relation to a swept parameter)
Simulating Similar Digital Devices - Randomizing to prevent Simulation Failure
Simulating the MC34063 in Inverter Configuration with an Accurate TL431A Model
Transformers and Inductors for Power Electronics - Dartmouth
Understanding MOSFET data Sheets Part 1 from TI
Understanding MOSFET data Sheets Part 2 from TI
Working with Model Libraries